Training of Trainers, Luang Prabang 2018



The Training of Trainers Workshop of the ASEAN-QA SQUARED took place in Luang Prabang, Laos from 27th August 30th August 2018.

The following page provides a documentation and some impressions of the Training of Trainers Worshop of the ASEAN-QA SQUARED in 2018.


First Conference Day -  27 August 2018

Introduction to the Conference
by Frank Niedermeier & Lucila Calairo.

Introduction of Participants
by Concepcion V. Pijano & Prof. Dr. Duu-Sheng Ong

How to Plan a Training - Pitfalls ans Strategies for Success.
by Ina Grieb & Frank Niedermeier

Project Groups: Discuss the Concepts and Plans 
by Prof. Dr. Duu-Sheng Ong.

How to Design a Programme
by Prof. Dr. Philipp Pohlenz & Lucila Calairo

Projects Groups: Elaborate your Wokshop Concept and Programme (Parallel Session)


Second Conference Day - 28 August 2018  

Projects Groups: Elaborate your Workshop Concept and Programme (Parallel Session)

Learnng and Working in Projects & Overview of Methods and Tools
by Claudia Wendt
Chair: Frank Niedermeier

Group 1: Group Work and Group Dynamics
by Claudia Wendt
Chair: Concepcion V. Pijano

Group 2: Structured Communication
by Claudia Wendt
Chair: Lucila Calairo

Group 3: Resistant Target Groups and Motivation
by Claudia Wendt
Chair: Prof. Dr. Duu-Sheng Ong

Transfer, Reflection and Feedback
by Claudia Wendt.
Chair: Prof. Dr. Philipp Pohlenz

Third Conference Day - 29 August 2018  

How to Evaluate Your Training
by Dr. Philipp Pohlenz & Frank Niedermeier

Intercultural Sensitisation
by Claudia Wendt & Concepcion Pijano

Fourth Conference Day - 30 August 2018

Project Groups: Open questions and Way Forward

Project Presentations: Peer Consulting
Introduction by: Prof. Dr. Duu-Sheng Ong

Evaluation and Way Forward
by Frank Niedermeier


Photo Impressions of the ASEAN-QA SQUARED Training of Trainers in Bangkok 2018




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