Training on Internal Quality Assurance (TrainIQA) in Southeast Asia 2020-2021

Workshop I (5 - 9 October 2020)

ASEAN-QA Forum in Hanoi, Vietnam


Different Time Zones 

13:30Malaysia/Philippines Time (GMT +8) (Reference time zone of the Programme)
07:30CEST (GMT +2)
12:00Myanmar Time (GMT +6:30)
12:30Bangkok/Jakarta Time (GMT +7)


Monday, 5 October

13:30-14:00Online Reception (Opportunity for a camera and microphone test and for organizational questions)Conference Room
14:00-Welcome Addresses (Barbara Michalk; Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti; Dr. Chantavit Sujatanond)
Conference Room
-15:00TrainIQA Course and Workshop Introduction (Frank Niedermeier; Prof. Dr. Duu Sheng Ong; Chair: Benjamin Jung)Conference Room
15:00-15:05Group PhotoConference Room
15:05-15:15Working Break: Share your Workshop Expectations (Facilitator: Benjamin Jung, University of Potsdam)Conference Room
15:15-15:20Summary of Workshop ExpectationsConference Room
15:25-15:30European EQA Framework - Short Summary (Barbara Michalk, HRK)Conference Room
15:30-ASEAN EQA Framework (Concepcion Pijano)
Conference Room
 -16:30Case Study: EQA and IQA in Myanmar (Prof. Dr. Thiri Aung; Chair: Lucila R. Calairo)Conference Room
16:45-18:15Roles in Internal Quality Assurance (Prof. Dr. Philipp Pohlenz; Frank Niedermeier; Irish Dakay) Conference Room >                                          Group assignment: please check for your name here, to know which group to join                                                                    Links to Breakout Rooms: Breakout Room 1 (Blue) // Breakout Room 2 (Green)//Breakout Room 3 (Red)//Breakout Room 4 (Yellow)//Breakout Room 5 (Orange)


Tuesday, 6 October

13:30-14:00Online Reception (Opportunity for a camera and microphone test and for organizational questions)Classroom
14:00-15:00What is Quality? (Dr. Oliver Vettori; Chair: Benjamin Jung)Classroom
15:15-15:45Analyzing Institutions Presentation (Dr. Oliver Vettori; Chair: Prof. Dr. Thiri Aung)Classroom
15:45-16:30Group Work: Visualize your Institution´s Structures (Dr.Oliver Vettori; Chair: Prof. Dr. Duu Sheng Ong)Classroom
16:45-17:15Keynote: Quality Assurance as a Means of Developing the Institution (Prof. Dr. Philipp Pohlenz; Chair: Thi To-Uyen Nguyen)
17:15-18:30Project GroupsProject Group1 // Project Group2 // Project Group3// Project Group4                


Wednesday, 7 October

MorningPAP Revision (Self Work) - Trainers are available for consultation hours if needed 
13:30-14:00Online Reception (Opportunity for a camera and microphone test and for organizational questions)Classroom
14:00-15:30Project GroupsProject Group1 // Project Group2 // Project Group3 // Project Group4                                              
15:45-Virtual Site-Visit: University of the Philippines (Prof. Dr. Maria Cynthia Rose Banzon Bautista; Prof. Dr. Alyssa Peleo-Alampay)
Conference Room
 -17:30QA System Case Studies: University of the Philippines (Prof. Dr. Alyssa Peleo-Alampay); University of Potsdam (Benjamin Jung); Q&A (Frank Niedermeier)Conference Room


Thursday, 8 October

13:30-14:00Online Reception
14:00-15:30Setting Up Quality Assurance Structures (Frank Niedermeier, Prof. Dr. Thiri Aung; Chair: Prof. Dr. Sany Sanuri Mohd. Mokhtar)Classroom
16:00-18:00Project Groups: Focus on Presenting the ProjectsProject Group1 // Project Group2 // Project Group3 // Project Group4      
18:00-18:30Social Event: Online Sightseeing (Facilitator: Benjamin Jung)Classroom


Friday, 9 October

13:30-16:00Project Showcasing and Discussion (Each participant and university management representative will have a 15-minute appointment with the mentors. In this session, a two-minute project showcasing will be followed by a project discussion.The time and links for the individual appointments will be send out separately via email.)
Links via email                                  
16:00-16:15Recap of the Workshop (Prof. Dr. Duu Sheng Ong)Conference Room
16:15-17:15Panel Discussion: Was Quality Assurance Able to Support the Shift to Digital Teaching and Learning? – A Stakeholder Discussion (Moderator: Barbara Michalk)Conference Room
17:20-17:50Farewell and Way Forward (Berit Stoppa; Maria Kelo; Professor T. Basaruddin; Frank Niedermeier; Chair: Benjamin Jung)Conference Room