ASEAN-QA Phase III: Final Conference IN Bangkok 2018

Train IQA Final Conference

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The Final Conference of the ASEAN-QA TrainIQA Phase III took place in Bangkok, Thailand from 22 March to 23 March 2018.

The following page provides a documentation and some impressions of the Final Conference of the ASEAN-QA TrainIQA Phase III in 2018.


First Conference Day -  22 March 2018

  • Introduction to the Conference
  • Welcome Addresses by Dr. Chantavit Sujatanond, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nantana Gajaseni, Prof. Dr. T. Basaruddin, Barbara Michalk
  • Introduction to the Conference by Prof. Dr. Philipp Pohlenz
  • Keynote Higher Education Management and Quality Assurance: A Question of Strategic Management? by Prof. Dr. Volker Linneweber


  • Projects of the Participants of the ASEAN-QA TrainIQA Phase III
  • Project Presentations: Introduction and Overview by Frank Niedermeier


  • Project Presentations: Parallel Sessions I


  • External Programme Assessment Part I Chair: Prof. Dr. Sany Mohd. Mokhtar
  • International accreditation for Thai-German Academic Programs at KMUTNB by Asst. Prof. Dr. Tawiwan Kangsadan
  • Prepare and support programs für AUN-QA by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dinh Thanh Viet
  • Little things (can) mean a lot! Enhancing IQA at Universitas Indonesia by Prof. Dr. Hanna Bachtiar Iskandar
  • Quality Management Systems & Structures Chair: Concepcion V. Pijano
  • Implementing a QMS in Taungoo University by Prof. Thiri Aung
  • Strengthening the IQA through setting up a systematic three level system for preparing the national accreditation process (BAN-PT) by Rita Andini
  • Strengthening the QA structure of the University of the Philippines by Prof. Alyssa Peleo-Alampay
  • Information Management and Tools Chair: Dr. Oliver Vettori
  • Quality assurance dashboard as a tool for building a data-driven culture by Irish Tejero-Dakay
  • IT-based IQA system - improving IQA system towards a higher accreditation level by Iffi Fitriah
  • Information system development of Chulalongkorn University: From QAIS to CU-iDMS by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vimolvan Pimpan


  • Project Presentations: Parallel Sessions II


  • External Programme Assessment Part II Chair: Dr. Nadine Bültel
  • Internal quality management (IT-engeneering programme assessment) by Sovoan Nhoung
  • Some challenges in wirting SAR for AUN-QA assessment by Maria Hidayati
  • Internal qualtity assurance development in VNU-University of Engeneering and Technology by Tran Dang Khoa
  • External Programme Assessment Part II Chair: Ina Grieb
  • IQA system consolidation and improvement by Apolinario do Rego
  • Institutionalization of the PNU internal quality assurance system by Ronald Allan Mabunga, Ph.D.
  • Continual quality improvement (CQI) fro programme outcomes (POs) and academic courses by Jamaluddin Ibrahim
  • Programme Enhancement and Outcome Based Education Chair: Prof. Dr. Philipp Pohlenz
  • C2C for OBE: commit to change for OBE curriculum redesign project by Dr. Veerades Panvisavas
  • Development of Guidebook for assessment in techaing & learning for quality assurance by Rohaida Mohd Saat
  • Study program curriculum development in Politeknik Negeri Bandung by Dr. Ir. Paula Santi Rudati


  • Poster Presentation Part I
  • Gallery walk


  • Outcomes of the Projects
  • Lessons Learnt from the Projects by Prof. Dr. Duu-Sheng Ong


  • Panel Discussion
  • Prerequisites and Factors of Success Moderation by Barbara Michalk
  • Panelists: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thiri Aung, Lucila Calairo, Fr. Dionisio Miranda, Dr. Nakorn Srisukhumbowornchai


      • Second Conference Day - 23 March 2018 

        • Introduction to the second Conference Day
        • Networks in Higher Education Management: Why and How Things Work Better Together by Prof. Dr. Philipp Pohlenz
        • State of Play and Upcoming Activities of SHARE by Marc Wilde


        • Poster Presentation II
        • Gallery walk


        • The state of Quality Assurance
        • Quality Assurance in ASEAN and Europe: Past, Present and Future by Dr. Oliver Vettori and Frank Niedermeier


        • Panel Discussion
        • Moderation by Maria Kelo
        • Panelists: Prof. Dr. T. Basaruddin, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nantana Gajaseni, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sompop Prathanturarug, Prof. Dr. Rohaida Mohd Saat, Dr. Chantavit Sujatanond


        • The Future of ASEAN-QA
        • Opportunities for Cooperation and Future of ASEAN-QA by Frank Niedermeier and Marc Wilde
        • Farewell Ceremony


Photo Impressions of the ASEAN-QA TrainIQA Final Conference in Bangkok 2018





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