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ASEAN-QA TRAINING Workshop on EQA in Kuala Lumpur

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  •   ASEAN-QA Training
  •   Workshop on EQA
  •   25th February - 1st March 2013
  •   Kuala Lumpur    


   Workshop Programme




First Conference Day -  25th February 2013

    • Update on the Project
    ASEAN-QA: Update on the Project by Marc Wilde
  • Expectations of Higher Education Institutions from External Review                       
  • External Evaluation from the Universities‘ Perspective by Dr. Philipp Pohlenz
  • The Role of EQA Officers in Europe. An Overview on Different Practices                                                    
  • The role of QA officers by Josep Grifoll
  • AUN-QA Site Visits. Experiences from AUN Programme Assessments
  • AUN-QA Site Assessments by Prof. Dr. Tan Kay Chuan
  • The Check List: Tasks of EQA Trainees Prior, During and After the Site Visit
  • Tasks of the EQA Officers by Concepcion V. Pijano


Second Conference Day -  26th February 2013

  • How to Carry out Interviews? Do's and Don'ts
  • How to carry out interviews effectively? Do’s and Don’ts by Dr. Heinz-Ulrich Schmidt
    • Tips on how to Conduct Interviews by Concepcion Pijano


  • Third Conference Day - 27th February 2013     
      • How to Write Reports? - The Experiences of AUN and Comments from a European Perspective
      How to write Assessment Report by Prof. Dr. Tan Kay Chuan

Fourth Conference Day -  28th February 2013

  • Group Work: How to Write Good Reports?
  • Change Management by Prof. Dr. Tan Kay Chuan
  • Quality Assuring Higher Education in Malaysia by Dzafir


  • Fifth Conference Day - 1th March 2013  
  • Panel Discussion - Towards an ASEAN QA Framework
  • Towards an ASEAN Quality Framework in Higher Education by Prof. Zita Mohd Fahmi



Photo Impressions of the ASEAN-QA Training Workshop on EQA in Kuala Lumpur



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